Take Some Time to Love Yourself

The Big Day has arrived and it's time to feel your best. Take a long look in the mirror and have a moment!

I love photographing the pre wedding excitement. There can be nerves but this is a beautiful part of the journey to capture and you'll quickly get used to me working in the background. I'll be calm and bring good energy. Finding inner peace before taking the plunge means you'll be present and in the moment when you do.

beautiful bride laughs at the camera, wedding preparation image
Groomsmen dress in dinner jackets and play a grand piano before the wedding, wedding preparation image
groom struggles to pull his pre tied tie over his head, wedding prep images
bride crouches in conservatory as her veil is fitted before the wedding ceremony
enormous wedding veil spread out, wedding prep images
wedding veil hanging in a bedroom
bridal makeup applied in facemask
bride is helped into her wedding petticoat
smiling bride wears a heavy tiara
bride wearing a white trouser dress walks down stairs to greet her father
Wedding PReparation PHOTOGRAPHY Tips

Early Bird

I always recommend you aim to finish getting ready in good time. Enjoy a glass of bucks fizz instead of last minute dress stress. This also means I'm able to photograph you in your finished state before I move on to get to your ceremony, ideally half an hour before you.

Second Shooter

I do occasionally collaborate with other experienced photographers when there are important moments going on in different locations. They might also be beneficial if you have a lot of details you'd like captured, from your order of service to flowers, rings, shoes, centrepieces and wider venue shots. Of course I'll capture a lot of this but my focus will be the people, their interaction with the environment and the details that catch their attention. If you'd like to explore second photographer options, please raise it early on and I'll look at who might be available.

Camera Shy

Photographing the getting ready can be a good way to get used to me working. Some couples still prefer I start at the venue which is absolutely fine - I like to be there with half an hour to spare in any case.