Dance the night away

Let your hair down, put on the comfy shoes and lose the wedding dress train - it's time to find a good rhythm and have a party!

By this time your guests will be relaxed and in high spirits. The movement, the lights, the energy are all essential camera fodder. I find I gather more shots during the evening because things move at a dizzying speed and the best hope for catching rewarding photographs in low light is to 'spray and pray'! You never know what you're gonna get but it's fun finding out.

bride is ready to party as she encourages her granny to join her on the dance floor, wedding night photography image
usher waits as his cocktail is stirred by a mixologist in a pop up pink neon wedding bar Wedding Party image
silhouetted wedding guests party inside a wigwam tent wedding night photographer image
bride and guests pose for a selfie wedding party image
wedding guests dance moves, Party Photography
wedding guest plays with snails wedding meal image
wedding party at st Stephens hampstead
wedding guest talks to the dj
wedding guest puffs on a cigar
father of the bride lights up a cigar

Absolute Bangers

Allow a little time for coffee and digestion before the first dance. Your guests will follow you onto the dance floor more enthusiastically! Whether you employ a live band, a DJ or opt for your own playlist, nobody knows your guests better than you. With careful musical picks and a few absolute bangers, you'll keep the dance floor full. Another option is to arrange a line dance or a Ceilidh band to keep everyone involved. Remember to flood the dance floor with lovely light. If a multi use room needs to be turned around, give the AV guys enough time to setup and do sound checks.

Good Stodge

For the little moments like cutting the cake, I recommend attaching it to the speeches or just before you hit the dance floor. Your caterer will be able to cut it up and serve your guests just as they need a sugar boost! Besides the wedding cake, I've seen cheese tables, hog roasts, pizza vans, nuggets and a whole range of other treats doing the rounds in the evening. As well as food to soak up the alcohol, Photobooths are available in all kinds of styles, from London taxis and rickshaws to vintage caravans. Your merry guests will love dressing up and busting some moves in front of a floral or tinsel background. You may even like to do a 360 degree video booth! This will give you a nice record of alternative images at the end of the evening. I can even add your images and videos to my Photohub if your suppliers authorise me to host them and make prints through my store.


Add a little mischief and throw the bouquet at someone reluctant! Once the wedding party has hit its stride, my work is usually done. If you're dancing into the wee small hours, I've usually photographed a great collection of this chapter of the evening after an hour or two. The main reason I recommend to stay late is if you have plans to go out with a bang. I've captured newlyweds leaving by sail boat, tractor, fire engine and hot air balloon! Some couples finish up with a spectacular fireworks display which rounds out the day with appropriate flare. If you think this might be nice to capture, do let me know what you're planning later on.