Wedding Preparations

A pint down your local east end pub or a glass of fizz in a west end boutique hotel. A little Dutch courage might help you find some calm in the capital as you prepare for your wedding day. Precious moments of excitement and nerves, documented respectfully. It's time to feel your best.

Wedding Preparations Photography Gallery

Wedding Ceremonies

Whether your church wedding bells chime alongside Big Ben or you're gathered in the hushed corridors of Marylebone registry office, your wedding is part of long tradition of happy celebrations in one of the great cities of the world. A discrete documentary record of your marriage vows while you focus on the most important part of the day.

Wedding Ceremony Photography Gallery

Wedding Portraits

Taking pictures guerrilla style on the bustling streets of London is a once in a lifetime experience as people stop their busy lives to wish you well. The square mile also has a multitude of small parks and peaceful sanctuaries to enjoy couple time reportage portraits with your new spouse.

Newlyweds Portraiture & Groups Gallery

Wedding Receptions

Together again and with your nearest and dearest. The group pictures are done and now you can enjoy the fun, exquisite food and mood music! This is the best time of day for reportage photography as everyone mixes, catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Wedding Reception Photography Gallery

Wedding Parties

Let your hair down, put on the comfy shoes and lose the wedding dress train - it's time to find a good rhythm and have a party! By this time your wedding guests will be relaxed and in high spirits. The movement, the lights, the energy are all essential camera fodder.

Wedding Party Photography Gallery

Gay Weddings

I've been proud to specialise in LGBTQ London wedding photography since civil partnerships were legalised over 18 years ago. If you like creative documentary style gay wedding photography, I'd love to celebrate your day with my camera.

Same Sex Wedding Photography Gallery