Let's get some fresh air!

I'm a big fan of shaking off the cobwebs and getting outdoors. There's no better way to bring out our playful natures as we focus on our environment. Whether you're looking for engagement portraits or want to document a family mini adventure, it's always better than sitting in a lighting studio.

Please do get in touch and let's talk about ideas for where we can explore. Fingers crossed the weather is kind!

Hasselblad film portrait of parents with newborn in the Lindo Wing Maternity Hospital
newborn yawns during her portrait session
siblings pose for doorstep portraits during pandemic
Relaxed portrait session in Richmond of parents with son on a walk
family portrait in Hyde park
Relaxed portrait session in Richmond of parents with son
engagement photo in Waterlow park
engaged couple pose for a doorstep portrait during the pandemic
siblings play in Hyde park
portrait of father with newborn in the Lindo Wing Maternity Hospital
Lifestyle Portraiture Tips

Stripes & Spots

I'd love you to wear what you feel comfortable in. If you enjoy dressing with bold clothes, go for it. A couple of pointers... Bring some options. I may suggest we try something a little different for the sake of variety. If you want your portraits to serve different uses, having a less distracting dress option may give you a more versatile image. Avoid fine patterns please. This might include a subtle line or grid texture in a suit which, when photographed, will create waves shapes like watered silk. It's a phenomenon called 'moire' and can be difficult to get rid of when editing.

Don't Watch the Birdie

There is always plenty of opportunities to take a headshot breaking the forth wall and gazing deep into the camera. However, my favourite portraits are almost always made without eye contact. For couples or group portraits I feel it's even more special to interact with each other. When you're looking at a camera or a mirror, we might understandably feel self conscious. Looking at your nearest and dearest and you'll be more inclined to reveal your true self.


I strongly recommend families turn their photoshoot into playtime. Whether you're young or old, have a think about what you might like to do. Maybe there's a sea of daffodils in a nearby park or the dog / car could do with a wash? We could have a picnic in the park, build a den in the garden or have a water fight on the street! More important than a beautiful setting is finding good light and a simple story to get lost in.

Looking for Business Portrait Photography?

If you're looking to have some business headshots taken or comprehensive coverage of your work event, Harry has a second website dedicated to Corporate and Business Clients. reportography.london is linked below...