Love is Love

Whether you're two brides, two grooms or just two people getting married, I'm so happy for you.

When I started taking wedding photos as a young lad back in 2002, it was never an institution that I thought I'd be able to choose for myself. That all changed in 2005. I've been proud to specialise in LGBTQ wedding photography ever since. If you love documentary style gay wedding photography, I'd love to celebrate in your day with my camera.

gay newlyweds descend the stairs at Lancaster house flanked by the cheering wedding guests, LGBTQ Wedding Photographer
gay wedding speeches at the ned in the city, LGBTQ & Gay Wedding Photographer image
children dance with umbrellas at a lesbian wedding in whitstable, gay wedding photography image
wedding guests pose on a staircase Gay Wedding Photography image
two grooms embrace outside the brewery, LGBTQ & Gay Wedding Photographer
two groom pose inside a vintage ambulance gay wedding photography
handsome gay newlyweds pose in tartan
groom tears up during his wedding speech in camden
two grooms arrive at the asylum chapel in peckham
two grooms enjoy a drink in the gardens at their Lancaster house gay wedding reception

It's Your Playlist

With same sex couples, there are no default choices. Most gay weddings I've photographed have danced to their own beautiful tune with flair and sincerity. Whether it's been getting all the group photos out of the way before the ceremony or performing a Kiwi Haka in a deconsecrated church, I'm there for it. I've been to gay weddings with naked readers, arrivals on horseback and a wild party in an underground car park! Others were held in stately homes with a groom imposed ban on tequila, drag acts and Kylie! Choose the rituals you like for your union and discard the rest. It's your unique patchwork and I'm there to keep my eyes peeled for the good stuff.

Holding Hands

Everyone feels a different level of ease for public displays of affection. I'd love to do some couple time portraits away from your friends and family but will always try to encourage you to interact with each other inside your comfort zone. I've posed plenty of same sex couples who are often the same height. This rules out a lot of cheesy 'romantic' poses but that's fine because I've never been a big fan of posing anyway. I'd much rather you held hands, chased each other through a field of wheat or shared a zip line together. Take the piss out of each other. See who can jump the highest. Be your cute, magic selves. Whether you're a wallflower or a social butterfly, take pride and we'll have lots of fun.

Gay Photographer

I'm a proud gay photographer and same sex nuptials have always been close to my heart. If I get something in my eye when you're being all heartfelt and emotional during the vows & speeches, I'm sorry! The pictures will still be gorgeous. I'd love to hear your story and revel in your gay wedding plans together. Let's skip Skype and meet for a drink on Old Compton Street or we can find a quiet coffee in the suburbs. I'll bring some sample albums so you can see the quality of my work and the image vibrancy in person.